The Age – DOMAIN News on 13 April, 2016

Tarneit Junction, a development that aims to create a “five minute community” where work, schools and leisure are all, you guessed it, within five minutes of one another — is particularly attractive to Indian buyers, who are after homes that are less than five years old.”

 Vibrant nightlife culture is not quite there yet, projects such as the Tarneit Junction will definitely entice prospective buyers to get in soon. With the promise of a “five-minute” Tarneit centre (which will include jobs in IT and health, a hip cafe culture, 24/7 medical centre, retirement community, schools and shops) and myriad other developers trying to compete, it’s certainly a place worth considering”

Opposite Tarneit Junction:-

Coofee and BP McDonald

Plan for various buildings have been submitted to council. This includes One Planet Apartments, Shops, Hotel, Medical Centre, aged care and  retirement Apartments.

Stage 1 Construction is scheduled to commence in second half of 2019 with expected completion late 2020.

Tarneit Junction is set to become the thriving urban heart
of the Wyndham North Growth Area. The vision the project
has set for itself is to be a place where people can live
healthier and happier lives in an higher density apartment
setting without sacrificing the amenity and convenience
of inner-city Melbourne.
Tarneit Junction will provide the complete range of
services and facilities that are usually found in older
established Melbourne suburbs, meeting the daily needs
of residents within the project and those who reside
within the local area. Such liveability will be achieved by
delivering increased housing diversity and affordability,
short and long stay accommodation, retail offerings,
medical and aged care accommodation, education
services, and business spaces to facilitate commerce and
local employment opportunities. Smart City initiatives
are also proposed to integrate services within the
development through technology to increase access and
liveability. All this is proposed to be delivered within an
area experiencing rapid residential growth and change
that has not delivered residential opportunities within
anything approaching a mixed use urban context.
Within a transit oriented context, the project will bring
services, employment and amenities close to the doorstep
of residents and will also create a destination for the wider
community, supporting the Tarneit town centre. A walk able
railway station will provide residents the opportunity to
reduce car trips and dependence on vehicle ownership
with the CBD only 25 minutes away by train and daily
shopping needs a short walk away.
This ‘full life cycle’ approach accommodating multi generational
living will result in positive outcomes for
Tarneit and the wider area with the development to be a
community, environmental, health, transport, and jobs
oriented development, achieving the planning goals
of higher densities, a vibrant community, affordable
housing, sustainable development and mixed use living.
The project provides an unparalleled opportunity for a
landmark development, exemplified by the 4.5 star hotel,
within the local context. It capitalises on its highly visible
gateway location in Tarneit, lifting the profile of the area.
Within a wider context the proposal will become the
leading example of high density, sustainable, and transit
oriented development, and will be the first of its kind in
Wyndham and notably for greenfield development in
The growth currently being experienced by Tarneit and
what is anticipated for the future supports this visionary
development which aligns with key State and Council
policy. This is in support of multipurpose destinations
close to transport infrastructure which will encourage
investment, service provision and employment integrated
with diverse housing stock to achieve a 20-minute
neighbourhood; all key attributes that this development
will possess within one of the first true urban environments
in greenfield development in Victoria.